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Toshar: International Empowerment Speaker, Transformation Mindset Coach, Bestselling Author, Founder and CEO of Toshar Unlimited, L.L.C., Award Winner, and Philanthropist

Toshar is a dynamic Professional Speaker renowned for her signature Empowerment Programs that ignite purpose and drive transformation. With a profound background spanning diverse communities, including those grappling with poverty, foster care, addiction, homelessness, mental health challenges, and the aftermath of incarceration, Toshar brings unparalleled insight and empathy to as a Certified Mindset Coach.

Having overcome personal adversity—including experiences of rape, domestic violence, college dropout, poverty, and homelessness—Toshar channels her journey into impactful guidance. Her bestselling book, "From Welfare to Queen," serves as a beacon of hope, sharing practical strategies for conquering obstacles and achieving measurable success. In her latest work, "The Comfort Zone: Life Experiences After Poverty" (L.E.A.P), Toshar empowers readers to discover their life's purpose by breaking free from comfort and embracing growth.

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Clarity and Direction

Gain clear insights into your passions and strengths, enabling you to set a focused and purposeful path in life.

Boosted Confidence

Build confidence as you uncover your true potential and start living a life aligned with your purpose.

Proven Success

Work with someone who has a track record of helping individuals discover their purpose, backed by numerous testimonials.

Empower Your Purpose

Journey Seekers

YouTube Channel

Are you READY to to actionable STEPS that leads to measurable RESULTS?

If so, then watch these three videos to get you started!!!

Build Wealth

Discover how to build wealth and gain more options on your life’s journey!

Get Inspired

Learn how to stay inspired on your journey, even when life throws challenges your way!

Protect Ideas

Start your business correctly with these important gems to protect your ideas!

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